We each were created to worship God!  When we get to heaven we will do simply one thing: we will worship God. Everything in this universe was created by God, with the sole purpose of showing forth His glory.  God created us so that we would see this glorious creation and reflect it by knowing and loving Him -- with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.


Corporate worship at Bracktown is the heart-felt, joyful, public savoring of God. Worship is the extravagant, open enjoyment of God as the fountain of life. And therefore it is a public declaration that God is more to be desired than this world.


Worship at Bracktown is not the performance of a routine of hymns and prayers and preaching and anthems. When the angel said to John, who had fallen at his feet, "Don't do that to me; worship God," he did not mean, recite a creed, or open your hymnal, or listen to a sermon. He meant connect with GOD! Focus on God, not the messenger. Concentrate on God, not the hymn tune. Pursue God, not just knowledge about God. And in all your focusing and concentrating and pursuing after God, seek to stir up your feelings to love him, and honor him, and admire him, and fear him, and enjoy him and savor him.


Our Worship is:


Expecting the manifest presence of God

Bible-based and Bible-saturated

Head and heart focused

Authentic, Earnest and intense

Done in a Spirit of Excellence

Comprised of the mingling of various styles of music, dance, various spoken word formats, and other artistic genres


We worship from the bottom of our hearts, and will worship as long as we have breath.



Areas that comprise the Worship Ministries at Bracktown are:


Music Ministry

Adult Liturgical Dance Ministry

Audio Visual Ministry

Ushers Minstry

Greeters Ministry

Beautifying Ministry

Parking Ministry

The Worship Committee