Transportation Ministry


We serve individuals and families who wish to attend our Sunday morning Christian Education Hour (Sunday School), Sunday morning worship service, and Wednesday evening Bible Study. We also serve First Baptist Bracktown ministries that have planned activities which require group transportation ie: field trips, visit other churches in town
or out of town.

Ministry Leader

Herbert Nealy

Michelle Anderson - Vice


Sunday Morning

If you need a ride on Sunday mornings please call the designated driver by 12:00pm Friday. The designated driver and their phone number are located on the Sunday bulletin, and is shown on the screens certain times during the 10:15am services or you may call the church.


Wednesday Evening

If you need a ride on Wednesday evenings for Prayer Meeting and Bible Study please
call the church by 12:00pm on Tuesday.


Group Transportation

All Ministries are required to submit a request at least 3 weeks prior to your need to travel.



University of Kentucky Students

Bus arrives on campus at between 8:30am - 8:45am

Pick up at the William T. Young Library


Kentucky State University Students

 Bus arrives on campus at 8:45am and departs at 9:00am.

Pick up stops are Young Hall, Hunter Hall, and McCullin Hall.


Georgetown College

Bus arrives on campus between 8:45am and departs at 9:00am.

Pick up at the Student Center Building