Debt -To- Dignity Ministry


The Debt-to-Dignity Ministry at First Baptist Church Bracktown aims to provide a chance for church members to move from living in bondage caused by the burdens of debt, to a lifestyle of financial freedom. The ministry does not perpetuate the love of or idolizing the value of money, but takes the approach of including financial security as a key element to achieving a balanced life. When money struggles are a part of the daily routine, many individuals tend to be out of control and unhealthy in other areas (e.g., spiritual, mental and physical). The Debt-to-Dignity Ministry functions as a vital part of our church in addressing this issue by assisting God's people in becoming better stewards of their blessings. Furthermore, the ministry offers support for members to learn how to prosper in order to be contributors to God's Kingdom by increasing their ability to give.


The mission of the First Baptist Church Bracktown Debt-to-Dignity Ministry is to enhance the financial literacy of the church and to empower members to experience the blessing of financial freedom.


Ministry Leaders

Lynette Wooldridge

Kenneth Jones


The ministry strives to fulfill this mission by adhering to the following responsibilities:


  1. Assisting God's people on the journey to being released from the bondage of debt


  1. Encouraging the membership of First Baptist Church Bracktown by helping individuals become fiscally responsible


  1. Providing bible-based teachings on how God's people are called to be good stewards of their resources and servants through the act of giving


  1. Engaging in outreach projects that educate the local community on financial matters, while purposefully seeking out and witnessing to the unsaved


Programs and activities of the Debt-to-Dignity Ministry include:


Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University Seminars

Buying Your First Home Workshop

Understanding Your Credit Workshop

Reality Store - Project to help middle and high school students understand the financial obligations of the real world

Money Management for Teens

Academic Spot Nite Seminars - Helping parents understand ways to save/plan for their child's college education