Young Adult Ministry

Apply and Amplify JESUS in a holy and acceptable way that is applicable to the target population, while creating a safe, healthy, demographically sensitive venue in which young adults can comfortably share in their own unique and contemporary way.

Young Adult Ministry is an emerging initiative within the First Baptist Bracktown  targeted at ANYONE ages 18-39. Based out of James 1:22," Live the Life" will focus on the many real life issues faced by this population and provide Biblically sound support to those issues. Additionally, participants will be challenged to examine their current lifestyles and commitment to service.  The linchpin of the initiative will be a bible-guided, open discussion forum that will allow participants to openly and candidly share their thoughts, questions, struggles and victories as young people striving to grow closer to Christ.



To strengthen relationships and service with Jesus Christ and one another.


COLLEGE campus PICKUP VAn schedule


Kentucky State University

Bus arrives on campus @ 8:45am AND WILL DEPART @ 9:00am

Pick up stops are Young Hall and the Student Center


University of Kentucky

Bus arrives on campus between 8:30am-8:45am

Pick up stop @ the William T. Young Library


Georgetown College

Bus Arrives on campus @ 8:45am AND WILL DEPART @ 9:00am

Pick up stop @ Student Center


 If you need pickup please call the church at (859) 231-7042 by Thursday at 4pm for Sunday Worship Service.