Children and Youth Ministry 

The youth ministry at First Baptist Bracktown is on a mission to become "Spiritual Transformers" by helping our youth grow from immature chumps to spiritual champs in JESUS CHRIST. From Chumps to Champs teaches our children that all things are possible through Christ. We strive to transform them from just hearers of the word to doers of the word, taking them from timid followers to bold witnesses for Christ. Our vision is to educate, evangelize and empower our youth.  Our mission can best be described as:

Y-oung people growing spiritually by
-btaining God's Word and
-nderstanding the importance of education while
-rying to live Holy lives and
-abitually seeking God

Our ministry consists of five areas that target the babies through high school. They are as follows:

Bible Study - uses God's Instructional Manual to teach our youth how to live and be holy:  targets all ages and meets on Wednesday nights. Coordinated by Naeeta Clark

BUDS - teaches children ages 2-14 how to worship and praise God through song and choir etiquette. Coordinated by Jaynae Boateng and Erica Tevis.

Youth Liturgical Dance - teaches youth how to worship through dance: participants must be saved and in the 4th grade through high school. Coordinated by Jaynae Boateng.

CHEERS FOR CHRIST! - promotes Salvation, Character, and Self-esteem. This is for girls ages 4 to 4th grade to learn God's word through Cheerleading motions and skills. First and foremost, the girls are taught about Jesus Christ and how he can Change their lives!  They are introducted to self-esteem and team building activities that result in changed lives, giving these girls a much needed purpose!  Coordinated by Stacey Speaks.

KANISA - "KANISA" is Swahili for "church" and at FBB it means "church in a different language". The service is tailored for 4 year olds through middle school with high school worshippers assisting with the worship experience.  This service teaches and prepares our children and youth to be tomorrow's church leaders and givers. Directed by Terrance and Shanna Langford

Outreach/Fellowship - quarterly service projects and activities are planned and implemented to teach our youth the importance of serving others and giving back. Coordinated by NeKesha Cozart


We are the youth of FBB

Young People growing spiritually

By obtaining God's Holy Word

And if you didn't know--- it's an action word

We understand how important education is

And we try Holy lives to live

That's why God's face we seek

Each and every day habitually

We are the youth of FBB

Young children of Christ the King

We are the youth of FBB

Young people not afraid of growing spiritually!



Youth Bible study every Wednesday night from 7-8PM

Bible study for babies through middle school and BUDS rehearsal alternate during the month and meet from 7-8PM (calendars are provided)

KANISA (children's church)

Youth Liturgical Dance - practices scheduled prior to date to minister

Cheers For Christ - Wednesday Nights from 6:15-7PM



Jaynae Boateng, Naaeta Clark, Jerrica Graves- Children and Youth

Terrance and Shanna Langford - KANISA