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I promise to strive for excellence, not settling for less,

Achieving and exceeding goals, by giving my very best.


Education will not be a choice, but a top priority,

In accomplishing my dreams, it’s a very important key. 


I believe I can be what I am destined to be, despite circumstance.

For if no one else, I’ll give myself a fighting chance. 


I will be a leader at home, at school and in my community,

Being mindful of the examples I set for those that are watching me. 


I will carry myself as a Phenomenal Lady, who is worth more than gold,

I will walk and talk with pride, dignity, self-respect and self-control. 


By the stigmas placed by society, I will not be defined,

But established by my character and intellectual mind. 

I will grow, be educated, motivated, and will succeed,

Because in myself, I do believe. 


I am a Phenomenal Lady with Excellence as my goal,

Making a pathway for those coming behind me,

To shine as Phenomenal Ladies: Educated, Innovative and Bold.


Written by: Makia Adkins